Customized flexible solar panel for Nissan Leaf hood

Solar panels, as an auxiliary charging system for the vehicle, have its own unique advantages. Recently, Sam, the owner of Nissan Leaf came to us and asked if we could custom a flexible solar panel for his car to generate electricity to a better battery life.

One advantage of customization is that it maximizes the use of space, making it more matching and beautiful.

You asked for it, and then we made it. 

“Lensun Solar Team, My name is Sam Elliott, and I have a Youtube channel (Innovative Sustainable Solutions) where I explore the feasibility and methods for making solar powered commuter vehicles.  I had a viewer refer me to you.  As soon as I saw your custom panels I thought “bingo, that’s what I’ve been looking for……”. 

In the communication after we got in touch, Sam provided relevant dimensions and more detailed information. According to the dimensions he provided, our engineer team designed the drawings and provided them to Sam for confirmation.

Everything is going on smoothly


In response to the design we made for him, Sam said::“That looks perfect!  Nice work, a 30% over what the hood panel is spec’d for currently too”

The below link is Sam’s video on our custom solar panels posted on his YouTube channel.

Soon, Sam will also provide more pictures after installation to share with us, and we will update them in real time. We will also continuously dedicate to provide designs and customized solar panels for more models.

If you happen to also want to do some DIY solar for your car, please feel free to contact us.

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