Customized 120W hood solar panel installation for Toyota FJ Cruiser

Many thanks to Nat’s share of the installation experience of Lensun 120W Flexible Hood Solar Panel for his Toyota FJ Cruiser.

Here the link to get it for your FJ!

Special designed 2nd gen hood solar panel with two holes for washer nozzles is also available now at below link:

Nat’s said: “My setup uses the existing BCDC charger to direct power to the Aux battery(100AH lead acid battery), but will also direct it to the main crank battery once the Aux is full (but only if it requires it).

The reason I went for a solar is so I can run a fridge and camp lighting for a multi-day camp trip. Means I don’t have to drive the car everyday while camping in order to charge the batteries.”

The followings installation details:

Here’s the underside of the panel. I’ve used the tape pictured below. It’s a high bond double-sided tape that’s also heat resistant. Around the edges I’ve used double (one strip on top of another) due to the small lip that goes around the panel. It’s actually a pale grey coloured tape and the blue is the bit you strip off before applying.

Below is the tape I used. Moroday Ultra High Bond double sided tape. 20mm thick. 

I removed the washer nozzles and the grid panels in between the wiper blades. 

I detached the water tubes from the washer nozzles before removing them. Notice I taped one extension to the main branch to help feed it though and under the wipers. Makes it much easier otherwise it catches on the way through. 

Feeding the washer pipes through and under the wipers (I also fed it BEHIND the bonnet hinge) .The tubes ready to be connected to the new nozzles which will be positioned in the grids as shown below. 

Nozzles I bought on eBay. They need to be able to angle up as much as possible to make up for not being further in front in the bonnet. (Your blanket with prefabricated holes won’t require any of this if course). 

I found nozzles with a nut that fit perfectly into the grate moulding (14mm). 



The nozzle fixed in from the top side into the nut which is fixed underneath as shown above. I’ve set it as far forward (away from the window) as possible. 

Attach the water tubes onto the nozzles and place the grates back into place (easy – held in with their own clips). 
Notice the solar panel cable fits nicely under into the gap at the back of the bonnet. 

And then feeds easily into the retaining clips that used to hold the washer tubes.  I have a BC-DC charger fixed between the radiator and the front grill. A custom bracket was used to fix the controller next to it and connected it the BC-DC which is already attached to my aux battery. So it’s all good to go. (The cable runs down behind the washer bottle and then behind and round to the front of the aux battery before routing to the front grill) 

I’ve used Christmas clips to attach a 5mm heat insulation to the underside of the bonnet to prevent too much heat getting through to the panel. (Picked it up from a friend who does air conditioning). 6mm Christmas clips push easily through the insulation and into the factory holes already there. Easy as. 


In a couple of places where there weren’t factory holes or I haven’t cut it right. I’ve used the same tape as above to fix it to the underside of the bonnet. 

And looks sooooo good! 

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