200W Lensun Solar Blanket – Ultra Portable Solar Power System

Many thanks to Ray and Brain for the Demo and review of Lensun 200W Solar Blanket.

Here the link to this 200W kit:


You can also check out the original YouTube Video and at the below.

For those of us who like to get out and enjoy camping. A fixed solar panels on the roof or hood of your vehicle and go with a folding or blanket like this 200W kit at the same time will be the best option to capture the most solar energy available. When your vehicle is shaded by trees, there still have your foldable or blanket solar panel that could be exposed in the sun to get the energy.

As Brain said in the video: “that 200W solar kit from Lensun it’s a complete solar charging solution. Super compact and easy to store fits in a bag.”

“the kit includes a 200-watt semi flexible solar panel array that folds up into a super portable 16″x16″ square. It also consists of a waterproof EPever 15A MPPT controller, various hookup cables, a canvas carrying bag, and an EPever WiFi data box( should be selected according to needs).”  Ray said.

At first, the grommets of our 200W that used to hang for better angles would have been simpler, but we continued to update them based on customer feedback until they were stronger and more durable.

We also have updated the solar controller, the solar controller can charge lead-acid or lithium battery, select the battery type by connecting to cell phone via Bluetooth/WIFI Module  (can be selected according to needs).

Regarding for how to download, install and use WIFI module, you can also get more detailed commentary through Ray’video.

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