100W solar panel with rubber edging mounted on the roof of camper van.

Lensun 100W solar panel with rubber edging mounted on the roof of camper van.

Much thanks to Justin’s share on his YouTube Channel:

You can check out our flexible solar panels here:


Lensun ETFE solar panels have a better light penetration percentage of 95% and contain fluorine atoms which bond to the EVA layer of the panel, ensuring it will never delaminate or discolor as time passes.

The textured finish of ETFE solar panels makes them dirt resistant and self-cleaning, minimizing the impact on solar output.

Regarding Installation, Justin also mentioned in the video that using 3M VHB tape is a good option for customers who cannot install directly with screws.

The standard solar panels(Except for those that require special customization)we have right now are with eyelets, because that gives the customer to choose how they’re going to install them even there have eyelets, they can install it by 3M tape also.

If must considering hiding the eyelets, it is recommended by our customers that search for” Black Hinged Screw Covers (1/4″)” on Amazon, that will be another good one.

Solar panels for your RV or camper van, you can use anytime the sun is out. 

When you driving camper van or RV, chances are you solar panels will be permanently fixed to the roof. In some cases you’ll want portable panels that you can take out when you need them, put on the ground, and hang somewhere for a better Angle to get more solar power.

Solar blanket or foldable solar panel will be also the effective supplements.



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