105W Fj cruiser bonnet solar panel installation

Many thanks to Winton‘s share of the installation experience.

Lensun 105W Flexible Hood Solar Panel, An updated version for Fj cruiser  with two holes specifically reserved for washer nozzles.

It is available at:


Whether it’s to charge your primary battery or running the 2nd battery, although you can put out a portable solar panel when campsite this some kind of. However, a permanently fixed solar panel that would give you the added ability to run  accessories like fridges, lights, power bank/inverters etc. without the fear of draining your battery . This hood solar panel will work out great.

The followings installation details:

Double sided tape from Bunnings 24mm wide, Moroday, clear, heavy duty.  If you space each strip about 10mm apart you can get away with 120m roll. 

Position in the correct place using the washer nozzles as a guide, then measure to rear of and the sides to confirm that the pan is uniform.

With wide masking tape, place around to hold & stop panel from moving while you make a hinge at the rear so the panel can be swung up to remove the blue tape strips. 

This method helps to ensure that the panel returns to the correct position. (no second chances with this tape). 

Once panel is in place firmly, you can mask all around firstly the panel and then the bonnet, leaving about a 3 or 4mm gap to seal with Sikaflex. I used, marine grade adhesive by “sikaflex” (bunnings). 

Wipe sealant, wet your fingers with kerosene if you want. Romove the masking tape straight away to prevent the sealant skin pulling up. Done. 

Wire the panel as required to you battery system. Ensure that the solar panel is run through the correct control system to suit your needs. 

Ps, this will be very difficult to remove, so make sure you check and double check the position.

For more installation advice, we also recommend to have a vinyl piece on the hood to protect it. Add a vinyl sticker (Search for keywords on Amazon or ebay, for example:hood blackout decal , or hood vinyl wrap……) between the solar panels and the HOOD so that the panels can be removed later without damaging the paint.

In addition, if you’re not sure to install it by yourself, it’s recommended finding a local auto repair shop or modification shop to help with the installation.

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