Customize flexible solar panel for Toyota 4Runner hood

We have some customers who bought and installed a Lensun 65w black flexible solar panel on their Toyota 4Runner‘s hood to charge their car battery or 2nd battery.

Why they do not install the solar panel on the roof but on the hood?

Because many people have sunroofs, racks, tents etc on the roof’s. Vehicles hood’s are generally unused wasted space.

After communicating with our customers, we learned that they hope to install a larger solar panel on the hood, but our existing standard models are not suitable, then we decided to custom a  flexible solar panel for their requests.

Accroding our customers gave us the size of the Toyota 4Runner hood, our engineer team design a 100W 22V Flexible Solar Panel. This solar panel will be available in a few days.

Why choose Lensun flexible solar panels for  vehicles’ hood?

1.All Lensun flexible solar panels first layer is ETFE Film, ETFE film has non-adhesive surface properties. Highly stain-resistant and easily gets cleaned by the rain.

The following picture of Lensun 20w and 30w flexible solar panel from our customer Paul, he installed a Lensun 50w flexible solar panel on his Nissan Xterra hood and 20w, 30w on the roof. He said “That’s real world pictures not cleaned just walked out at lunch, and took the pictures you want me to I wash them, they probably not been washed in over 3 months right there”

2. Lensun flexible solar panel is made of the strong black fiberglass back sheet, its more heat-dissipating and heat-resistant than the PET backsheet. Most flexible solar panels on the market use cheap PET backsheets. PET backsheets are not heat-resistant and are easily deformed and bulged.

The following is our customer’s answer why choose Lensun

Paul: “You guys make them all black and they’re a lot stronger not sure what that material is, but it holds up. When driving around winds blowing over it also, I have all these little white dings in the one on the hood still works great, the Renogy one I had on before last at 2 months and it broke on the hood” (Paul has a Renogy 100w foldable solar panel too)

Joey: “Good reviews and good price. Many are overpriced for what you get.”(He installed a Lensun 80w flexible solar panel on his Toyota FJ Curiser hood)

barnardtruffles: “Lensun had the best size, quality, and price of any flexible solar panel on the market. I’d love to try out your foldable panels too. My truck goes to around 6 off road shows a summer and gets so much attention just for the lensun solar on the hood.” (He installed a Lensun 80w flexible solar panel on his Toyota FJ Curiser hood)

Any customize request, just contact us or call us in the following information from Mondays to Fridays.

Contact information
Tel:    UK +44 2032875806
US +1 (323) 2845027
China: +86 15759769602
Whatsapp:  +86 15759769602
Skype: lensunsolar

Date: 27th, Nov., 2019

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