Review of Lensun 200W Folding Solar Panel

Thanks for our customer Greg gave us the feedback of Lensun 200W Folding Solar Panel

Why Greg choose folding solar panel?

Greg: “I must add a parallel port to my existing controller – panel set-up. I have two 180-watt panels on the top of my RV. I purchased these to provide a portable setup as many times the camper is in the shade”

So he bought a Lensun 200W Folable Solar Panel with MC4 Connector Because Greg has solar controller, so he bought the MC4 model, we have the another model come with solar controller too, just click link to check all our foldable solar panel

The following is Greg’s review on

“My 200 watt unit is from It has 5 40 Watt panels that fold out and deploy at an angle. The panel I purchased did not come with a controller, it just has MC4 connectors.

To hook the folding panel into my existing system I used a Marinco 12VCP – ConnectPro Receptacle & Plug Kit”

I wired the receptacle in parallel with my existing panels. I chose to use Dual PowerPost Cable Connectors , but you could get away with paralleling at the controller in most cases.

I made a quick cable by cutting the ends off one of the sides of a MC4 extension cable. and connecting to the plug. You see below the panel is deployed in my driveway. This was about 10:30 in the morning and I was getting consistently over 9 amps, when combined with the panels on the top of the van I was reading 25 amps. Total wattage of panels all panels is 560 watts.

22” x 21” x 2.5”, also the extension cable rolls up nicely and fits in the zippered pouch.

And more importantly stowed in the rig.

I used to think suitcase type solar was just another unneeded piece of jewelry for our van/overland addiction. I was wrong, they have come a long way. Impressive output Greg and Felix.

On my last outing I was having issues with my refrigerator, so deploying the aux panels became very important. I was able to keep moving the panels as the sun was going down and extend the time I was receiving solar.
Moving the 5 panels setup can be a little challenging, but still very doable. For the size this takes up and power it can provide I give is a solid thumbs up

I also had purchased a very cheap aux setup a while back, it is basically two flexible panels held together with a zipper. The quality of the unit lacks so I will not be posting a review on it.

Most of the cheap folding/foldable solar panel, the first layer is made of PET film, thats why their solar panel is easily fade and get scratched. But Lensun use Japanese ETFE film. Compare with PET film, ETFE film has the following advantages. 

1. ETFE film is much more highly scratch-resistant than the PET film. That’s why other brand PET foldable solar panel has scratched everywhere, although you don’t use it every day. And the Lensun flexible solar panel on the hood still strong without scratching.

2. ETFE film self-cleaning, not easy to stick dust, high stain resistance, and easily gets cleaned by the rain. Do not have to clean them often.

3. ETFE film with high temperature resistance and highly flame retardant. Suitable for use in temperatures ranging from -65°C to +150°C. It can be installed safely in hot climates. PET film is not resistant to high temperatures and is easy to fade. Thats why other brand PET foldable solar panel is faded.

4. ETFE integrated Lamination solar panels do not reflect the light. Dimple technology on the surface captures more sunlight and increases 5% solar absorption rate.

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