Lensun 100W 12V Ultralight Folding Solar Panel with MC4 Connector, Portable for Outdoor Camping

Thanks very much for B.D. to test Lensun 100W folding flexible solar panels. This panel is potable and change angle to get max performance. Quick setup and easy buliding it in the fields.

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Portable folding solar panel kits aren’t new, but the performance and design of these off-the-grid power solutions is continually improving.
This folding portable is an innovative fold-up to compact size, No frames or glass, Ultra-lightweight to carry and store.
And they are made with latest ETFE laminating technology. ETFE integrated Lamination solar panels do not reflect the light. Dimple technology on the surface captures more sunlight and increases 5% solar absorption rate. It offers excellent efficiency in terms of light to electricity conversion
Stable stainless steel leg support to adjust angle for best performance. Easy to set up, It is ideal and necessary for outdoor activities.

LS-100FD installation 03 Lensun-100W-folding-portagle-thelatest-technology-ETFE-solar-panel-for-camping-easy-setup-quick-building-in-the-fields

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