Custom Solar Panels for Tent Roof and Dodge Ram Hood

We helped one of our customers named Alexandre Grégoire provide a solar panel custom solution for his Dodge truck, Helped him increase the power of the solar panel, Which helped him improve the electricity demand of his vehicle.

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If you’re a Road Ready subscriber, you probably think I have an obsession with solar panels. I had completely filled the roof of our Micro Minnie in 2016, then the Airstream switched to cash and for the new kid, the challenge was daunting, since the roof is relatively small and my energy needs are no less…

My solution: custom-made solar panels!

I fell in love with Lensun Solar. It’s a Chinese company and although I often hate Chinese products for their poor quality, Lensun’s panels are anything but cheap. What mainly distinguishes Lensun is their flexible, very thin black colored solar panels with an ETFE coating that improves the reception of the rays when the sun is not perfectly perpendicular to the panel. It is certainly not the only company that produces solar panels in style, but to my knowledge, it is one or if not the only one that offers the possibility of ordering them to measure.

This is a huge asset, because most standard sizes of solar panels do not allow us to optimize 100% of the space on our roof to generate solar energy. There is always a loss of space depending on the shape of the vehicle or the accessories that are installed (air conditioning, skylights, fans, antennas, etc.).

The ordering process is relatively simple, we take the precise measurements of our available space and we produce a plan that we will send by email to Lensun Solar here: [email protected]. They will then come back with a detailed plan of the panel, inserting as many cells as possible to maximize the space. If it suits you, you pay and will receive the panel in a few weeks.

In addition, as the panels are thin and slightly flexible, they perfectly fit the shape of the roof, so it is much more aerodynamic. Also, the panels must be glued (with glue or double-sided 3M film), so no holes are drilled and the possibility of water infiltration is eliminated.

For my part, I ordered 2 large 180 watt panels for the front part of our LOKI. Since the dimension was quite large, they preferred to make it in two pieces to reduce the delivery cost and facilitate the installation. Then I have two more 120 watt panels that will be removable (secured using the eyelets at the 4 corners) on the roof terrace.

The icing on the cake is the new panel that I just installed on the hood of our RAM 3500. It occupies the middle portion of the hood perfectly. I stuck it on a matte black film (3m wrap), so if I ever want to remove it one day, I will only have to peel off the wrap below the panel. This discreet panel adds another 100 watts more.

In total, that’s 700 watts of solar panels on a tiny portable camper! Casually, it is sufficient for our energy needs in addition to providing us with enough to operate our new 12V air conditioning module which is very energy efficient!

YouTube video available at:

After adding 700W solar panels to my truck, it’s much more convenient for my camping life, I’m very happy with the modified RAM 3500, the panels have helped me a lot in my camping life.

All this is without counting our solar cover which adds an extra 200 watts. 200W purchase link is as follows: Lensun 200W Foldable Solar Blanket

The cost of the custom panels is a little more expensive, but casually, it is more than double the solar energy produced by these panels compared to those installed on the prototype of LOKI Basecamp. To give you an idea, my two large panels of 180 watts each cost me $1734.40 including delivery. If you have a large 40-foot fifthwheel, it is much more economical to install large rigid solar panels there since you have the space to do so. For small RVs (class C, class B and small trailers), this is a super interesting option to maximize your solar energy intake and improve your autonomy!

If there has any questions or advice, please contact us or call us in the following information from Mondays to Fridays. Any wholesale requests just call us or email us, thanks.

If you have customized needs, please contact us!

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