Review video of Lensun 160W ETFE Ultralight Folding Solar panel kit from LDSreliance. Lensun Solar

   In following review video, LDSreliance goes over another flexible panels from Lensun. This one is 160W and made up of 4 individual 40W panels. It folds up into a nice, square package for transport and easy deployment. It weights just over 12 pounds and comes with wires with Anderson connection, solar charger controller and alligator clips for various uses on the go.


   On the Sunny day, Using Innovative Adjustable Leg Support to keep the panel at optimum angle to get maximum performance.  LDSrelianceGreat tests the current about 6.62A to 7.78A when the panel is direct to sun.

   The weight is over 12 pounds, which is lighter than traditional rigid folding solar panel with aluminium frame.  It is ideal and necessary for outdoor activities, portable for Camping and hiking.

Lensun 160W ETFE Ultralight Poratable Folding Solar Panel kit with 20A PWM solar controller and cables, please click the following link to shop.  



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