LENSUN 100W Ultralight Folding Solar Panel, Portable foldable High Quality ETFE solar panel

    LENSUN Solar Energy was found in 2008, we are a world-leading manufacturer of high-performance semi-flexible solar panel and foldable solar panels, any wholesale details just contact us info@lensunsolar.com .

   How to set Lensun 100W Ultralight folding solar panel kit and make simple to charge your battery. Portable foldable easy to carry. It’s ideal and necessary for outdoor activities, ideal for camping vans, solar generator, RVs, Motorhomes, Boats, Cabins, Truck in the following video.

 Lensun ETFE 100W 12V Foldable Solar Panel Full Charge Kit, with 10A Controller,Cables,Brackets, Ready to Charge 12V Battery


Lensun supply 100watt, 160watt, 200watt portable folding/foldable solar panel in stock, they are lightweight perfect for RVs, campers, motorhomes, caravans, trailers and any other vehicles. 

Lensun 100W Folding Solar Panel

With Solar controller: http://www.lensunsolar.com/Foldable-solar-kit?product_id=247

No Solar Controller: http://www.lensunsolar.com/Foldable-solar-kit?product_id=266


Lensun 160W Folding Solar Panel

With Solar controller:  http://www.lensunsolar.com/Foldable-solar-kit?product_id=294

No Solar Controller: http://www.lensunsolar.com/Foldable-solar-kit?product_id=301


Lensun 200W Folding Solar Panel

With Solar controller: http://www.lensunsolar.com/Foldable-solar-kit?product_id=317

No Solar Controller: http://www.lensunsolar.com/Foldable-solar-kit?product_id=318


If you are intested in Lensun Folding Solar Panels and need one sample to test, please contact us in the following information. Thanks.


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US +1 (323) 2845027

China:+86 15759769602

Whatsapp:  +86 15759769602

Skype: lensunsolar

Email: info@lensunsolar.com , lensunsolar@gmail.com

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