Compare PET Fabric Folding with Lensun ETFE Laminated Technology Folding Solar Panel Charger

Here is the video about comparing PET fabric folding with Lensun ETFE coated foldable solar panel charger. Please check. Thanks.


  Lensun uses ETFE integraded lamination technology on the solar charger NOT the cheap fabric.  A key benefit of ETFE (Ethylene Tetrafluoroethylene) coated solar panels is that they are ultra lightweight yet durable. And this ETFE coating solar panel provides a thin 2mm layer of protection and UV resistant. It is an ultra compact and a portable foldable electrical power solar charger.


And ETFE integrated Lamination solar panels do not reflect the light. Dimple technology on the surface captures more sunlight and increases 5% solar absorption rate.  It offers excellent efficiency in terms of light to electricity conversion.


Another advantage of ETFE coated solar charger has non-adhesive surface properties.  The dirt, dust and many other pollutants are less likely to contaminate the surface of panels. When this kind of contamination occurs, it is easily cleaned by the rain, certainly a damp cloth will typically remove these particles to avoid blocking sunlight from reaching the solar panels.


ETFE coated panels will be able to charge or power some devices directly from the sun, such as mobile phone, ipad, 5V USB device and computer, while also offer the flexibility of charging a battery bank in order to power or charge devices during evening hours.

The increased demand which we have seen for off grid, ultra portable renewable power is now in large part met by the developments. The ETFE coated solar charge folders are a good choice in the future as the advantages of ETFE coated portable solar.

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