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Lensun 10A MPPT 12V Solar Panel Regulator Charge Controller LCD Display LS-MT1050EU

Why we recommend buy MPPT Solar Controller?

   MPPT circuit solar controllers are considerably more elaborate than PWM. The MPPT technology to track the maximum power voltage point of solar panels as it varies depending on sunlight exposure and temperature.

   The voltage of the solar panel changes with time of day and temperature. The optimum voltage for battery charging changes as the state of charge of the battery. The MPPT charge controller matches these voltages and can result in 30% more efficient transfer of power. This means good MPPT solar charge controllers can reduce the number of solar panels needed by up to 30%- a tremendous benefit.

   This charge controller features a comprehensive set of electronic protection functions such as stopping reverse current at night (from the battery back to the solar panel), automatic cut off to prevent over-charging and deep discharge, solar panel over voltage, over load, short circuit and reverse polarity protection.


  • Innovative MPPT technology, tracking efficiency 99.9%, conversion efficiency up to 97%
  • Real-time display the operational data and working status of the controller in digital, graphic and textual forms by a large LCD
  • AGM,Gel, Liquid and Lithium battery to choose
  • Two navigation buttons, easy to implement various operations
  • 5V2A, 2 USB interface
  • 12V system voltage,
  • Temperature compensation,
  • Perfect EMC design
  • Four stage charge way: MPPT, boost, equalization, float
  • Full automatic electronic protect function


* Model No: LS-MT1050EU
* Nominal System Voltage: 12VDC
* Rated Battery Current: 10A
* Maximum Battery Voltage: 20V
* Max. Solar Input Voltage: 100VDC
* Max. PV input power: 35V/ 130W
* Self-consumption: <=7mA(12V);
* Charge Circuit Voltage Drop: <=0.26V
* Discharge Circuit Voltage Drop: <=0.15V
* Communication:
RS485/RJ45 interface

Environmental Parameter:

* Working temperature: -20 to +50 C
* Storage temperature: -25 to +80 C
* Humidity: 10%-90% NC
* Enclosure: IP32

Mechanical Parameter:

* Dimension: 189 x 96 x 53 / mm
* Mounting hole size: Φ4.5
* Weight: 0.48 kg


1 x 10A MPPT LCD solar regulator

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Lensun® 10A 12V MPPT LCD Solar Panel Regulator Charge Controller for AGM, GEL Battery

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