Review Lensun 55w and 30w flexible solar panel, installed on off road Nissan Patrol

Thanks for Andre shares his installation pictures on his Nissan Patrol. He search flexible solar panel for off raod vehicles and found us.
Andre ordered one Lensun 55w flexible solar panel and one 30w flexible solar panel on June, 5th.

And the 55w flexible solar panel(1000x350mm/40×14 inch) Without junction box, the cable is come out from the back, this make the car look good.

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Lensun 55w flexible solar panel
Lensun 30w flexible solar panel

Lensun 50W flexible solar panel without junction box and hole

The following is Andre’s email on June 17th.

“Hi Alice ..
I have 2x22ah backup batteries that I charge using the solar panels.. this is to keep my ARB fridge in the car powered for a few days..and also charge some electronics and laptop.
I also have a normal charger 220volt and can charge these backup batteries with my car alternator as well.
The solar panels act as a backup and make the car look good as well 🙂
I will run a full test next week when I am back from a business trip

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