Lensun 120W 12V Waterproof Foldable Solar Panel

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Lensun 120W 12V Foldable Solar Panel Charger, Completely Waterproof LETFE Laminated, Charge for Power Station, Solar Generator, Boats Campers RVs Battery

1. Innovative ETFE LaminatedLensun's original ETFE thermoforming lamination technology reduces thickness and weight by 60%. And made for long term use over 15 years which is 3 times the life of PET solar panel.

2.Professional Waterproof and DurableMore waterproof than fabric folding panel. It has a high waterproof / fire-proof / dust-proof performance, and also has a self-cleaning function. Even large dust can be easily washed away with water.

3. Portable OutdoorIt is ideal and necessary for outdoor activities, such hiking, camping. Especially suitable for expeditions in hostile environments and NGO's and Disaster Relief. Suitable for Yachts,Kayaking, Camping and Canal boats and Expeditions. Free reliable power each and every day.

4. Foldable and Lightweight: Foldable only 22x14x1.6 inch and 7lbs design. You can put it into our carry bag. Ultra lightweight easy to carry and Easy to store so that it can be used anytime and anywhere.

5. High CompatibilityCome with adapter cables and DC connector charge for most of the solar generator power station in the market, 8mm for Jackery/Goal Zero, 5.5*2.1mm for Flashfish. With the standard solar connectors you can easy connect several panels in series or in parallel to get more powers.

Why choose Lensun 120W waterproof ETFE foldable solar panel

Advanced Safety and adaptability.

The solar panel charger provides an excellent thermal and chemical stability - it works the same even in extreme dry and hot places.

Revolutionary Portability and Convenience.

The laminated instead of fabric sewn-in processing allows it to be 60% thinner and lighter than PET solar power adapters.

What’s more, the high density of the surface makes it possible to be washed clean simply by rain water.

High Solar Conversion Rate - up to 23.5%!

The dimpled surface will not go yellow or decay but absorbs more sunshine and reaches a top-rated, 95% transparency - that permits 5% higher solar conversion rate than traditional ones!

Longer Hours and Days of Work

The patterned and high-clarity surface also allows the solar panel to work in dim light such as the dusk and cloudy days.

The highly stable material can last for more than 15 years while maintaining the same transparency.

ETFE is in fact 100% recyclable, even the production is free of chemical solvents or petroleum products that damage the ozone layer.



Model: OP120W

Maximum Power OutputPmax: 120W

Optimum Operating Voltage [Vmp]: 20V

Optimum Operating Current [Imp]: 6A

Open Circuit Voltage [Voc]: 24V

Short Circuit Current [Isc]: 6.6A

Cell Technology: Monocrystalline Solar Cells

Solar Cells Efficiency: 23.5%

Production Tolerance: +3%

Output Type: Solar Cables with solar connectors

Dimensions(unfolded): 57x22x0.1 inch/1450 x 566 x 2.5 mm

Dimensions(folded): 22x14x1.6 inch/566 x 360 x 40 mm

Net. Weight: 7lbs/3.2kgs

All Technical data at standard test condition AM=1.5, E=1000W/mm, Tc=25



1 x Lensun 120W ETFE Foldable Solar Panel

1 x Standard to DC 5.5mmx2.1mm adapter cable

1 x Standard to Anderson adapter cable

1 x DC 8mm connector

1 x DC 3.5mmx1.35 connector

1 x Carry Bag



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