Toyota 4Runner 4th & 5th Gen (2003-2024) Lensun 100W Hood Solar Panel

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Lensun 100W 12V Hood Solar Panel for Toyota 4Runner 4th &5th Gen(2003-2024)
If you don’t know which generation your car is, please check Wikipedia.

Lensun hood solar panel mounts to the hood/bonnet of your vehicles. Charge the vehicle battery, leisure battery, or power station(jackery, goal zero, etc) during daylight. Keep your fridges, dash cam, lighting, phones, etc., charged without starting your engine. Do not worry again about a dead battery while camping/off the grid.

The cutting-edge technology incorporates special materials designed to safeguard the solar cells against extreme weather conditions such as high winds, heavy snow, and hail, guaranteeing the hood solar panels' longevity and maintenance-free operation for years.It is perfectly shaped for the vehicle's hood. Easy to install plug-and-play wiring.

Lensun Hood Solar Panel Benfits:

1. Keep your vehicle or auxiliary battery topped up at all times. It is ideal for overlanders and campers seeking to power devices worry-free without draining their battery.

2. Keep your power station charged. The solar panel comes with standard connectors and uses adaptors (buy separately) to charge for most of the power stations on the market.

3. Decreased hood glare. The Lensun hood solar panel features a top-tier ETFE film surface that eliminates light reflection, reducing glare while driving.

4. Protect and extend battery life. The Batteries usually hit only 60% charge with daily driving, and if parked for 2-3 weeks, starting becomes unreliable, especially in summer. Plus, they degrade within 2-3 years. The Lensun hood solar panel maintains battery charge, tackling these issues.

5. Convenience and space-saving. The hood solar panel attaches directly to the vehicle's hood; no roof rack is needed. Unlike portable solar panels that eat up cargo space with setup and storage, it's a plug-and-play system for easy installation.

6. The optional custom-fitted vinyl decal. A vinyl decal between the solar panel and hood is highly recommended. It protects the vehicle paint from damage.

7. Easy to install plug-and-play wiring. The optional Plug-and-play 10A Waterproof MPPT solar controller. It comes pre-wired with fuses, terminals, and connectors. It features advanced MPPT control with intelligent protection against risks like reverse polarity and overcharging. Compatible with Sealed, AGM, Gel, Liquid, and Lithium-ion batteries.
Click to check the details of the Lensun 10A Waterproof MPPT Solar Controller.

Lensun 100W Hood Solar Panel Feature

1.  Solar cell: Grade A PERC Monocrystalline solar cells with much higher efficiency and more durability than other mono solar cells.
2. Premium EFTE Film: This film features superior light transmittance and weatherproof performance and is heat, corrosion, and UV resistant.
3. Durability: Cutting-edge tech and robust materials ensure resilience against snow, ice, mud, rocks, etc. Their high durability makes them perfect for off-road vehicles.
Ultrathin & Lightweight: At only 3mm/0.12 inches thick, it is lightweight (60% less than conventional solar panels).

Electrical Information:
Peak power: 100W
Solar cell efficiency: 23.5%
Maximum power voltage: 21V
Maximum power current: 4.76A
Open circuit voltage: 24.78V
Short circuit current: 5.23A
Power allowance range: +/-3%
Maximum system voltage: 500V
Net Weight: 3kg/6.6 lbs
J-Box: IP 68 rated with 2m/6.5ft cables

Values at standard test conditions: Air Mass - AM1.5, Irradiance - 1000W/m2, Cell Temperature - 25°C



The solar panel can be fixed with 3M tape or Sikaflex glue(Note: 3M VHB tape and silicone need to be purchased by yourself!). We highly recommend install the solar panel with our specific vinly decal, the vinyl decal sits under the solar panel and protect the hood paint. The vinyl decal is installed on the hood like traditional hood vinyl or automotive vinyl stickers are applied.

The installation must be done in a dry environment between 18° and 35°C   (64° and 95°F). In cold conditions, the solar panel will not have enough flexibility to form your hood, and the adhesive will not properly bond. Your installation WILL FAIL.

If you don’t know how to install it, we suggest you find a local auto-modification shop to install it.
For your reference, check our YouTube installation video.


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