Why choose Lensun flexible solar panel, what they said?

More and more customers choose LENSUN,  thanks for their feedback and pictures.

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1. Joey installed a Lensun 80W flexible solar panel on his Toyota FJ curiser

Lensun: hi Joey, why you choose lensun flexible solar panel but not other brands when you bought the solar panel?
Joey: Good reviews and good price. Many are overpriced for what you get.
I get a ton of compliments on my solar setup on the hood. There are many that have painted or put vinyl on this area so it is a very good addition. The solar panel works perfect in that area.

Joey: The black solar panel was a good color for me as it matched and was hidden well with my blacked out area on my hood.

The following is Joey’s review on our page

“I have used many products made by Lensun. I have an 80W flexible mounted to my FJ Cruiser that charges my second battery which powers my fridge/freezer and keeps it going. I also have the 100W folding all weather solar charger which charges the batteries on my off-road trailer giving me lighting, charging station for cell phones, Garmin and water pumps. I recently have acquired their folding 10w cell phone charger.

Their products are high quality. The charge is excellent. They withstand any weather you throw at them and they will last for many years. I highly recommend their products and will not consider another brand now that I have had such a good experience with the company and their products.”


2.Paul bought 50W, 20W and 30W Flexible solar panel for his Nissan Xterra

Lensun: by the way, why you choose lensun flexible solar panel but not other brands?

Paul: “You guys make them all black and they’re a lot stronger not sure what that material is, but it holds up. When driving around winds blowing over it also, I have all these little white dings in the one on the hood still works great, the Renogy one I had on before last at 2 months and it broke on the hood.

I’ve had three branches scrape against the one, Lensun are a lot stronger, not sure what that material use is, but you’re doing it right. It is stronger.”

Lensun: Our flexible solar panel backboard is made of firberglass back sheet which is more heat-dissipating and heat-resistant than PET backsheet. Most flexible solar panels on the market use cheap PET backsheets. PET backsheets are not heat-resistant and are easily deformed and bulged.

Paul: So that’s why my Renogy one is all folded everywhere, and is faded and looks like crap, I only lay those out every now and then.

If you lay a Renogy solar panel there foldable, it actually forms itself to the ground, and gets all bended everywhere.

I just throw it in the Box, I don’t try to bend it back still works sometimes.

Lensun: all lensun flexible solar panel and foldable solar panels the first layer is ETFE, ETFE has non-adhesive surface properties. Highly stain-resistant and easily gets cleaned by the rain.
Paul: I do notice that I do not have to clean them that often the ones on my car.

That’s real world pictures not cleaned just walked out at lunch, and took the pictures you want me to I wash them, they probably not been washed in over 3 months right there


3. John installed a Lensun 80W flexible solar panel on his Toyota FJ cruiser hood.

Lensun: why did you choose Lensun but not other brand when you bought the solar panel?
John: Lensun had the best size, quality, and price of any flexible solar panel on the market. I’d love to try out your foldable panels too.
My truck goes to around 6 off road shows a summer and gets so much attention just for the lensun solar on the hood

My truck in the snow. Panel is really tough.

Myself and five other friends all have lensun solar panels on our hoods. basically all of the vehicles on your Instagram page with solar panels on the hoods were started by me. Most of those trucks are based out of Colorado in the US.

John’s review on our page

“I have the 80W flexible panel custom mounted to the hood of my FJ Cruiser and it fits perfectly! It’s been delivering solid performance for the past 2 years to top off my dual battery system. I’d recommend Lensun panels for the quality and output any day!”


4. Thomas installed 2pcs 100W flexible solar panel on his VW T5 roof

“I installed these Solar panels on my van last summer! Now i’m able to run all kind of electric tools from my van! I used to run out of power after a few hours of work/ loading battery’s of my DeWalt tools, now the battery’s get filled up whenever the sun is shining!”

“Hi, the 200 watt panel is conected to 2 x 75 ah yellowtop batt from optima
Running the engel fridge and the lights with it. No problems at all. I will recomend the set to my customers.
I am using him now for 3 months on our Marokko/mauretanie trip Topppp.”


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