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   It is important to use marine solar panels to ensure that you have a system designed to withstand the harsh conditions at sea. Flexible solar panels can be used to create a flush finish and can even be walked on for extra mounting options.

   It is important to use marine solar panels to ensure that you have a system designed to withstand the harsh conditions at sea. Flexible solar panels can be used to create a flush finish and can even be walked on for extra mounting options.

Learning how to install marine solar panels will include calculations to determine what size and how many solar panels you will need. This information is readily available on the Internet by searching the question: “What size solar panel do I need” on your favorite search engine. The rule of thumb is to allow for 20% more solar panel power than you estimate you will need.

  The simple answer to how to install marine solar panels is: in the sun. Select locations that will get maximum sunlight without shaded spots. But how to select placement of Solar Panels?  Once you have determined the size and number of solar panels needed, you will be better able to determine where they will be placed. The best places depend on the boat’s configuration and size of the panels. In placing marine solar panels, consider the use of extra bars/braces to secure the panels. You obviously want them to remain stable. The following ways is the installation options for your flexible solar panels.

1.  Canvas installations:

  Lensun semi-flexible panels can be installed directly into canvas biminis and dodgers because they are so thin and light.  The panel can actually be stitched through for velcro or zipper attachment. With this type of installation, the panels can be removed easily and stowed safely during the off season. Additionally, this type of installation is a great option if you don’t want to affect the aesthetics of your boat.  

Mounted by fasteners Mounted by Velcro Mounted by zipper  Mounted by holes and frame
mounted by fasteners on Canvas Lensun Solar system ETFE material top quality not cheap PET for yacht boat Lensun 100W solar panel customizing panel with zipper for yacht and boat Lensun 100W sunpower solar cells, aluminium back sheet, flexible solar panel, mounted by frames, ETFE top quality not cheap PET material
install flexible solar panels on yacht Lensun 100W solar panel Lensun Solar power solar panel sunpower solar cells, ETFE solar kit Mounting flexible solar panel by zipper solar system solar power kit solar panel on yacht boat Lensun Mounting on yacht boat on canvas for marine, sunpower solar cells, flexible solar panels, solar power kit, solar system
Canvas installations on yacht boat flexible solar panel solar system, solarelectric, solar power Lensun Velcro mounting solar panel on yacht boat canvas roof Zipper mounting on canvas roof Lensun Solar 100W, sunpower solar cells, solar system
Lensun 100W 18V Black fiberglass sunpower solar cells solar panel solar system solar power solar kit on marine yacht, boat Mounting on canvas installation velcro solar power solar panel flexible solar panel
100w solar panel on canvas mounted by fasteners on boat yacht Lensun Solar system installation canvas Velcro mounting solar system solar panel solar power

2. Deck Installations:

  Panels can be installed into the deck a number of different ways. Some panels can be ordered with a back side, peel and stick adhesive. Panels can also be installed with fasteners or double sided VHB tape. In all cases we recommend that you seal around the edges of the panel. Additionally, we recommend that the panel is fully supported and unable to bend if it will be walked on at all.

Mounted by adhesive Mounted by fasteners
Solar panel installed on boat for travelling Deck installation Mounting by fasteners on deck installaton for boat yacht
flexible solar panel installed on boat yacht Lensun 100W black solar panel, fiberglass back sheet, for installation on boat yacht, deck installation
lensun-6pcs 100w-black-flexible-solar panel-install-on yacht Lensun solar 100W flexible solar panel
Lensun solar 50W flexible solar panel mono solar kit
Lensun solar panel on the yachts
Mounting solar panel on boat solar system solar panel lensun solar energy
lensun-solar-100w black-flexible-solar panel-install-on-boat1 (3)
lensun-solar-100w black-flexible-solar panel-install-on-boat1 (1)
Lensun 20w black fiberglass flexible solar panel with ETFE material top quality not cheap PET
solar panel lensun solar system solar energy
Lensun 100w deck installation by adhesive solar power kit
lensun solar 100W black flexible solar panel

3. Davits and rail installations:

  Glass panels are great for these installations. Semi-flexible panels can be installed for these applications as long as they are well-supported and cannot bend beyond their rating. Check the following pictures for them.

Mounted by frame rail Mounted by davits
Mounting flexible solar panels frame rail installation on boat yach Lensun solar flexible solar panel solar panel kit
Lensun 20W flexible solar panel with ETFE, solar power kit solar panel install 100W sunpower solar cells lensun solar energy
Lensun 100W 12v black flexible solar panels solar power kit on yacht boat

  Take your time and think it through. Read the instructions that came with your solar panels. You will want to avoid all violations of warranty terms. And we will continue to collect pictures of our customers’ solar panel installations. Our hope is that these will provide ideas and alternatives for designing and installing solar panel systems. If you have any other advice about installation, Please send pictures of your installation to us at [email protected] and we will share them.

Welcome to visit our other installation cases of Lensun Flexible solar panels and get more information about how to install your solar panels.

Sharing Michael’s experience with the Lensun solar panel on ybw forum. Lensun Solar

Sharing Michael’s experience with the Lensun solar panel on ybw forum. Lensun Solar

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