Special Customizing 100W 12V flexible solar panels according to our customer’s request

Here is the new design to install fiberglass flexible solar panels on sailboat from our European customer. The following information is the design idea and installation of our customer. There are four bypass diodes in two junction box and other customizing requests as showed in the following.

Lensun - Customzing idea for four bypass diodes in two junction boxes of solar panel electric energy from customer
Lensun - sailboat solar power
Lensun-sailboat installation solar power system
Lensun Customzing request for 100W flexbile solar panels
Lensun customzing flexible solar panel four bypass diodes in two junction boxes
Lensun 100W 12V flexible solar panels for customizing request  Lensun four bypass diodis in two junction box on the 100W solar panels

Customzing two junction boxes four bypass diodes on the junction box of Lensun 100W sunpower flexible Solar panels

Please kindly let us know if you need any more information, You can contact us via email or call us in the following information from Monday to Friday.

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