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#lensun fibreglass semiflexible solar panel

I have avoided flexible solar panels until now as I’ve seen too many fail after a short while. Water entry at edges seems common from what I’ve heard and they used to be very expensive. However, I finally decided that I was running out of most of the easy and cheap places to mount extra panels. I spotted a new panel from lensun and it looked interesting and I persuaded myself that it was worth trying out on top of the aft section of my awning

I tried to buy on eBay but ran into 2 problems. Paypal wasn’t happy that I was in Spain (a friend had the same problem). I think it was fixed after providing images of passport and some other documents. The eBay seller had run out of stock by then and couldn’t guarantee delivery before I left Aguadulce. They were very helpful and provided links to dealers in Spain and Holland. I managed to get one from a company called Merkasol ( at a slightly higher price than eBay.

The bad part

It performed very well for 5 weeks and then became erratic. Output varied when the panel was moved and was sometimes zero. Merkasol’s technical department replied that as I’d measured 20.4V open circuit the panel was fine. The performance variation was due to either shade or too high a temperature. Very useful, the panel won’t work either in the dark or in scorching sunlight. Not exactly helpful or relevant to the information I’d provided about the fault.

Completely useless shower. Merkasol stopped replying when I provided more detailed information and told them that the panel was faulty and asked how they intended to resolve the matter. I’ll certainly never deal with Merkasol again.

Now the good part

  I emailed the #lensun seller to see if there was anything I could do to fix the panel. I thought that it might be a loose connection at the surface junction box.

  Their response was brilliant. They asked for details and if I could provide pictures or video of the installation and fault. The fault became worse when I was making a short video. I’d laid it flat with a cushion under the middle to make it easy to flex whilst videoing the measurements. A blister appeared on the surface during this process and the cushion directly underneath was fused to the panel at this same point. I think that a poor link between cells was generating the extra heat.

 #Lensun immediately told me not to use the panel again and they’d send a new improved model. It was sent very quickly and arrived at Port Juan marina before I could even get there. I think it only took 2-3 days for lensun to provide a new panel to S.France via UK.

   I was informed that lensun have now beefed up the connection between the cells. I’m guessing they had a few failures and responded by improving the product. I was impressed that they didn’t try to fob me off or send me back to Merkasol. After all, I had not bought the panel from eBay.

  I’ve seen posts in the past asking if cheapo eBay panels are worth buying. I’d say that lensun seem to be a good company to deal with and reply promptly to problems.

 I can’t comment on the longevity of the new panel but will provide updates if it seems to be lasting well. The fibreglass semiflexible panel seems well made and has a wide gap around all the edges so shouldn’t be prone to water entry. The connections between the cells are much more visible than those on the original panel and look sturdier. I made a (not very good) video to show the panel.

  Based on their customer support, I’d certainly use lensun in future. I’d still suggest rigid panels first and only fit semi-flexible as a last resort. Well worth looking at lensun’s fibreglass semi-flexible panels if you can’t fit rigid panels.

  No connection with this company, just pleased with their service.

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