Off-grid Camping with a tent-trailer (Combi Camp). How to set solar system?

Thanks for Gijs’s shared why he choose solar power and how it installed the solar panel on his tenttrailer Combi Camp. The following is his experience.

I started thinking about a good solution to be able to camp “self-sufficient” two years ago. I had several reasons for doing this:

1. Prices for electricity on campsites are very high in my opinion and this is a waste of money for a tap, a light and charging a telephone and / or tablet (in my experience this is between € 2.50 and sometimes € 5.50 per day). : S
2. The most beautiful places on campsites are usually without electricity and you are not among the caravans and campers;)
3. It is just very easy and convenient (no mess with (extension) cords anymore) B)

All my sets are 1pc Lensun 60w flexible solar panel, 1pc Lensun 55w flexible solar panel, 20A MPPT solar controller, 55Ah battery, fuse and 12v car plugs

I have been using Lensun flexible solar panel forover two years now. This allows me and my family to camp fully off-grid.

I explained how I connected this installation. This setup provides power for several items:
1. LED lights
2. Watertap
3. USB chargingports (smartphones/tablets/laptop)
4. Universal 12V car output

Solarpanel setup:
Lensun Semi-flexible 60Watt panel
Strapped in an aluminum frame, so it can be placed in a sunny spot:

Additional I added a Lensun 55W 12V Black ETFE Flexible Solar Panel Special size. It fit perfectly on the storage compartment infront of the trailer of my Combi Camp

The semi-flexible panel is glued on with Sikaflex and finished off with silicone sealant.

Both panels are connected to a EPSolar Tracer 2215BN which charges and regulates an Optima Yellow Top 55Ah battery.

All is connected to a fuse box to divide all the different items mentioned before

Pro Car Surface-Mounted Twin 12V Lighter Socket + Twin USB

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