New High Efficiency 21.5% Grade A Mono solar cells for Lensun 100W Semi-flexible Solar Panels in your Camping Life

Lensun New 100W 12V ETFE Flexible Solar Panel with Fiberglass back sheet which is much stronger than the White PET back sheet.
Made of Newest Hightest Efficiency 21.5% 158.75 x 158.75mm Grade A Mono Solar Cell

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Junction box on the middle $218/PC

Junction box on the right corner $219/PC


1. Lensun Fiberglass back sheet will not cause air pockets to form on the back of solar panels. And fiberglass back sheet with sea- & saltwater resistant, its more suitable for marine environment.
Others White PET back sheet is not heat resistant. Air pockets form on the White PET back sheet after a few months. Because PET is thermolabile and easily swells in high temperatures.

2. Lensun flexible solar panel is made of ETFE film, while other brands are made of cheap PET film. Lensun ETFE integrated lamination solar panels have non-adhesive surface properties. They are highly stain-resistant and easily get cleaned by the rain.
Other cheap PET film is easy for them to collect dust, sand and dirt to cause hot spots on the surface of PET panels. Then shade reduces the efficiency of solar panels and shortens the lifetime of solar modules because of this hot spot.And PET film is not scar-proof.

lensun compare other brands

Electrical Information:

Peak power: 100W
Solar cell efficiency: 21.5%
Maximum power voltage: 18V
Maximum power current: 5.56A
Open circuit voltage: 21.24V
Short circuit current: 6.11A
Power allowance range: +/-3%
Maximum system voltage: 500V
Values at standard test conditions: Air Mass – AM1.5, Irradiance – 1000W/m2, Cell Temperature – 25°C

Material Information:

Laminated for weather resistance
Laminated with fiberglass + ETFE + Silicon cell + EVA + Tedlar
Solar cells: Monocrystalline
Dimensions: 1150 x 535 x 2.5mm/45.3 X 21 X 0.1 inches
Net Weight: 2.3kg/5 lbs
Back sheet: Fiberglass
J-Box: IP 65 rated

Package Includes:

1x 100W ETFE semi-flexible solar panel with fiberglass back sheet

2x 1m x 2.5mm2 cables with MC4 connectors

If you are intested in Lensun Solar Panels and need one sample to test, please contact us in the following information. Thanks.

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