Mounting Lensun Black ETFE Flexible Solar Panels on the Trailer of Glider Plane from Peter. Lensun Solar

Thanks very much for Peter sharing his installing of LENSUN 50W Black ETFE Semi flexible solar panel. The panel is mounted on the trailer of his glider plane. It is used to charge the batteries used for the electronic equipments in the glider, like radio, radar-transponder, board computer. The first picture is his glider in flight at 19000 ft above the French Alps.

Lensun Solar panel on glider trailer-06-01

Lensun Solar panel on glider trailer-05-01

Lensun Solar panel on glider trailer-08-01


And Peter have glued the panel on the trailer roof with a product called Bison Poly Max. He also used that with a previous panel and it holds vey well. It is somewhat easier to remove than silicone based sealants in case that the panel has to be removed or replaced. The glue that extruded from under the panel was smoothed so that it covers the edges of the panel so that the cut corners are sealed waterproof. If you are interested in this Bison Poly Max, you can buy it in the following link directly. Thanks.

Bison Poly Max

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