Lensun Intelligent Control Solar Street Light with a large capacity lighium battery and infrared remote control.

Every evening, there is a light that automatically lights up for you to illuminate the yard, home the road, garage or deck, and automatically close at dawn. Built-in photoelectric sensor, Auto-on/Off Dusk to Dawn. 0 power consumption, no wiring required. Once installed, you don’t need to worry about it. solarstreet-03

IP67 waterproof grade, all-aluminum lamp body, aluminum alloy frame + tempered glass solar panel, not afraid of the wind and sun and rain. The product is equipped with power cable, complete screw package, and flexible installation with Multi-functional bracket.



Widely used in rural roads, residential roads, sidewalks, industrial parks, landscape lighting, scenic spots, parks, gardens, streets, squares, gardens, garages, lawns, passages, patios, sheds, farms, boats, camping, basketball courts, arenas, sports fields, etc.


The size of the solar panel determines the amount of power generated, which is the charging speed. So the size is the most intuitive reference.

OS-STL2010 (2)

Built-in light sensor, solar light will turn on at dusk and automatically turn off at dawn. You can also turn the light on/off with the remote control anytime, anywhere, and select the 3/5 / 8H time switch to set the lighting time.

– Easy to install, waterproof, dustproof and durable. 

– Build-in Lithium iron phosphate battery, high-temperature resistance and long lifespan 

– No pollution, energy saving and environmental protection.


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