Lensun 200W 12V Portable Solar Panel Blanket with MC4 Connectors for Solar Generator Power Station, RV Campers Boat battery charge, Lightweight Ultra-Thin only 5.2 kgs/11.4 lbs

Solar Blanket is really a great way for you to get the power from sun.

This type solar panel means that when you arrive at your intended destination,  and have to park your vehicle in the shade, or if you can’t change the position of your car throughout the day, then you’re likely to miss out on all the important sunlight we get throughout the day. Solar blankets solve that problem for you. Choose an appropriate solar kit to charge for your appliance and your batteries on the road of travelling.

Lensun 200W 12V Portable Solar Panel Blanket with MC4 Connectors for Solar Generator Power Station, Lightweight Ultra-Thin only 5.2 kgs/11.4 lbs which is easy to set-up and pack up and store.

200W produce enough power for your camping trip, which is perfect to keep your 12V dual battery system charged and power the fridges, LED camp lights and other campsite gadgets.

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MC4 universal connector to match the solar generator power station,

Also with various types of connectors, suitable for a variety of solar generator.

MC4 offering to wire multiple panels in parallel or in series for greater power.

Connect in parallel with another solar panel to charge a 12V battery faster.

The Lensun 12V 200W Portable Solar Blanket is the apex in portable, convenient and lightweight solar power to suit any camping lifestyle. Lensun solar blankets are constructed with a solid copper backing and thick connectors for higher efficiency.

Made of A-Grade Latest Hight Efficiency 23.5% Monocrystalline PERC 9BB Solar Cells

For more details about PERC solar cells, please click link http://www.lensunsolar.com/blog/whats-perc-solar-cells-whats-the-different-between-the-standard-and-perc-solar-cells/

Suitable For:

12V Automotive / Dual Battery Systems
Recreational / Portable Dual Battery Systems, Solar Generator

Lensun solar blankets are a state of the art, portable solar blanket that are purpose-built to accompany you on your travels.


1.Made of high quality frosted ETFE film and black Fiberglass back sheet

2.Come with Anderson plug connectors making installation easier – just plug and play.

3.Extra Outer bag with solar controller and cables. Easy to set up, Easy to carry and Easy to store so that it can be used anytime and anywhere.

Item Specifications:

Model: LS-200BK-MC4
Rated Power Output: 200W
Optimum Operating Voltage [Vmp]: 18V
Optimum Operating Current [Imp]: 11.11A
Open Circuit Voltage [Voc]: 21.24V
Short Circuit Current [Isc]: 12.22A
Cell Technology: Monocrystalline Solar Cells
Solar Cells Efficiency:23.5%
Production Tolerance: +3%
Output Type: Solar Cables, Solar Controller
Dimensions(unfolded): 1403 x 1124 x 5 mm/55.2 x 44.2 x 0.2 inch
Dimensions(folded): 380 x 380 x 65 mm/ 15 x 15 x 2.5 inch
Net. Weight: 5.2 kgs/11.4 lbs
All Technical data at standard test condition AM=1.5, E=1000W/mm, Tc=25℃

Note: The kit does not come with the solar controller, if you want solar contoller please click link to buy this kit: https://www.lensunsolar.com/Solar-blanket?product_id=356

Kit with Lensun Waterproof 20A 12V/24V MPPT Solar Panel Regulator Charge Controller LCD Display, Charge for AGM, Liquid, GEL and Lithium Battery. Built-in Bluetooth, just search the app called “Solarlife” in Google to download and install, and you can set the battery type by the key. Also the alligator clip ready for charging for your battery.

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