How do Thin Film Solar Panels Work?

A thin film solar panel works in a manner similar to traditional panels. The panel absorbs light and converts it to usable electricity. However, due to the use of semiconductor film deposits, thin film solar panels are much more flexible, light and durable making them better than traditional panels in many respects. In these panels, the atomic arrangement is generally inconsistent compared to crystalline silicon panels. Thin film panels can gather a greater amount of the solar energy due to a greater surface area. They are have been found in the lab to collect up to 90% of the sun’s energy, although commercially available thin-film panels are closer to traditional solar panels.

Lensun solar panel solar power solar energy on the caravan motorhome car

Lensun 75W 12V Flexible solar panels on the baot yacht


Lensun solar panel on the yachts

Lensun solar panel on the roof of caravan car

Lensun 100W Solar black fiberglass on caravan

Lensun 100W light portable solar panels on the boat yacht


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