Customizing Special Size Solar Panels for Kimberley Karavan of Off Road Caravan in Australia, Lensun Solar

The following is Lensun flexible solar panel custom case, Lensun solar energy will make the solar panel for you request, size, solar cells, junction box location, cables etc.

The following is Lensun flexible solar panel custom case, Lensun solar energy will make the solar panel for you request, size, solar cells, junction box location, cables etc.

Kimberley-Karavanoffroad-caravan-classic-4791-Lensun-50W sunpower-solar back contact-flexible solar panel-solar power charger for camping motorhome caravan yacht boat

Lensun-50W-sunpower-solar-cells-Mono-Solar-Panels - Installed-on-Kimberley-Karavan-off-road-caravan

Recently we receive several consult about customizing 1150mm x 350mm 50W 12V aluminium flexible solar panel for Kimberley Karavan of off road caravan in Australia. Since we have improved and updated our solar cells to use sunpower solar cells, the size can be shorted 1100mm x 300mm. They find our Lensun solar company from Frank Paterson & Garry Miller in a close group of KK. These customized 50W 12V 1100mm x 300mm flexible solar power is suitable for off road camper trailers. Here is the reviews in the forum of Kimberley Karavan.


offroad-caravan-classic-4997e Lensun 100W sunpower solar cells mono flexible solar panels
Solar Installation on KK.

I have recently completed the installation of lightweight solar panels on my 2007 Karavan.

The panels came from the same manufacturer & using the same specifications that Frank & Garry used 3 years ago. The 4 x 50 watt panels (1100mm x 300mm) were custom made by Lensun Solar in China: . They had a bit of a delay sourcing solar cells, but worked very hard to finish them & shipped them quickly by sending them express airfreight, so they arrived at my door only 7 days after completion.

The two panels on the LHS of the van are connected in series, as are the two on the RHS, then the two sets are connected together in parallel. Each panel is protected by a schottky bypass diode & each set is protected by a schottky blocking diode.

The panels are fixed to the roof with short lengths of aluminium flat bar (25mm wide x 1.6mm thick), one on each end & one in the middle of each side, meaning they can be easily removed & relaced if required.

The screws are 8 x 9mm stainless sheet metal. All holes are well sealed with Sikalfex 291 Marine Sealant.

I decided to connect them in the series/parallel arrangement to minimise current loss between the panels & the regulator which is right next to the batteries & also to link in with some portable panels that are connected in series.

All internal wiring is concealed in the overhead console containing the speakers. Other Karavan owners have experienced interference with more than one charging system operating at the same time, so I have put an on/off switch on the overhead console for when I am connected to 240 volt power during daylight. I have also installed a change-over relay which disconnects the solar when driving, then reconnects automatically when stopped.

The Solar Panels are working well, as even on a very cloudy & wet day I am getting 2.0 to 2.5 amps from the 200 watt panels & even in these conditions with the fridge running, the batteries are gaining charge. Considering it’s the middle of winter & the sun is a long way north, it’s really only one side of the van getting any real sun, so the 5 to 6 amps I got on a sunny day I consider very good.

As Frank has said, Lensun Solar will make the panels to the size you want, within the limits of the individual solar cell dimensions, & with the junction box placed where you specify. I am confident the panels will keep my batteries topped up in all but the worst of continually overcast conditions.

Rob French

Kimberley-Karavan 2-Camping-Lensun-50W-sunpower-solar-12V-charge-flexible-solar-panel-solar-system-solar-electric

Kimberley-Karavan 1-Driving-Lensun-50W-18V-sunpower-solar-cells-back-contact-high-efficiency-ETFE-material-not-cheap-PET-waterproof -Camping-van

Lensun-50W-18V-sunpower-solar-cells semi-flexible-solar-power-off-road-camper-trailers-in-Australia


Lensun-50W-12V-solar charge-for-Kimberley-Karavan



Lensun-customized-special-flexible-solar-panle-for-off-road-caravan-Kimberley-Karavan-installed-on-the-roof-by-silical-gel-and-screws-to fix-off-road-trailer

Lensun Special customizing mono flexible solar panel for Kimberley Karavan for camping off road caravan 50W sunpower solar cells back contact 100W solar energy 200W solar power kit

Lensun-100W-18V-sunpower-solar-cells-for-kimberley-caravans-kimberley-kamper-off-road-van-best-caravan-australian-off-road-campers-off-road-motorhome-camping trailer



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