Customized 33W Flexible Solar Panel Installed on Boat

Due to the different sizes and shapes of our boats, vehicles, tents etc., it is often difficult to find the right solar panel to match the dimension of our installation in reality perfectly.

Even if we find the right solar panel, we may not be able to find a suitable wire layout depending on where the batteries are stored.

Lensun provides customized services to our customers by customizing special flexible solar panels. Customizing solar panels are produced similarly to standard solar panels and use the same materials. Because they are customizing solar panels, you have the freedom to decide where the electrical connectors will be placed, the cell layout of your choice, and more which will save you a lot of time and costs. With a professional research and development team, we can provide suitable products according to your requirements.

We designed a 33W trapezoid flexible solar panel for one of our customers named Randall from Japan to install on his boat.

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1Randall provides us with the dimensions of where the solar panels need to be installed, (he wants to install the solar panel on his boat). Requirements about the cells layout, wiring, grommet etc.

2. We designed the size drawing which includes watts, voltage, and size for him.

3. Randall finished the payment, got the solar panel, and completed testing, and installation. The whole process is very simple and efficient.

Top Material Used on LENSUN Customize Flexible Solar Panel

1.Solar cell: Grade A PERC Monocrystalline solar cells with much higher efficiency and more durability than other mono solar cells.
2. Premium EFTE Film: This film features superior light transmittance and weatherproof performance, and is also heat, corrosion, and UV resistant. ETFE also has self-cleaning abilities, ensures the best performance day after day.
3. Backboard: Durable fiberglass substrate backboard, better heat dissipation than PET backboard which ensures a long lifetime. ETFE film and fiberglass backboard can withstand extreme environmental conditions, maintenance-free for years.
4. Ultrathin & Lightweight: At only 3mm thick, the flexible solar panel is powerful, waterproof, lightweight(60% less than the conventional solar panels), durable, and highly resistant to the harsh operating conditions of a marine environment.

More Customize Flexible Cases from Our Other Customers

Sean customized a 55W flexible solar panel on his boat.

Sean’s Review:” I had this product slightly customize, for a sailboat. It charges two gel cell batteries and works really well! The solar panel is super durable and very sleek looking! I would highly recommend this to anyone!”

Alexandre customized 2Pcs 180W flexible solar panels on his truck’s roof.

Alexandre’s Review: ” great product. The installation is easy and the fit is perfect for our truck! Works perfectly!”

Here are more custom cases of black and white solar panels from our European Customers for their motorhomes, caravans, and camping vans.

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