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Please note: This item is MT50 NOT MT-5

  This remote display / monitor can be used with 10A - 45A MPPT solar charge controllers / regulators Tracer-A series with 12/24V battery systems.

  The digital Remote Meter displays system operating information, error indications, and self-diagnostics read-out. Information is displayed on a backlit LCD display. The large numerical display and icons are easy to read and large buttons make navigating the meter menus easy. The meter can be flush mounted in a wall or surface mounted using the mounting frame (included). The MT50 is supplied with 2m of cable and a mounting frame.

  This remote meter / display is suitable for our high efficiency MPPT solar charge controllers:

10A MPPT solar charge controller

20A MPPT solar charge controller

30A MPPT solar charge controller

40A MPPT solar charge controller

  If you already have one of our MPPT solar controllers, you can easily add this remote meter to your controller - just plug the cable supplied with the meter into the controller.

  The meter can be used for data setting e.g. to change battery type, battery capacity, temperature compensation and load manual control (on/off).

This MT50 unit is ONLY compatible with Tracer-A, Tracer-BN, LS-B, LS-BP, VS-BN, eTracer, iTracer series controllers (will not compatible with other controllers not mentioned).


- Automatic identify the controller, and display relevant parameter data.
- Large-screen informative LCD displays all the operating data and system working status.
- Simple and convenient operation.
- Real-time alarm of failure information.
- Longer communication distance based on RS485.
- Diversified load control modes: Manual Control, Light ON/OFF, Light ON+ Timer, Time Control. - Battery type selection: Gel, sealed, flooded and User (programable).
- Programmable parameters.
- Energy statistics display function.



- Self-consumption: Backlight on<23mA, Backlight off <15mA.
- Faceplate dimensions: 98 * 98 mm / 3.86 * 3.86 in.
- Frame dimensions:114 * 114 mm / 4.49 * 4.49 in.
- Connector type: RJ45.
- Meter cable :2m.
- Net weight: 0.190 Kg.
- Working environment temperature: -20¡æ~+70¡æ/-4¨H~158¨H.


1 x MT50 LCD Display Remote Meter
1 x 2m cable
1 x user manual
4 x Mounting Screws


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Lensun® MT50 LCD Display Remote Meter for Tracer-A Tracer-BN Series MPPT Solar controller

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