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Lensun uses ETFE integraded lamination technology on the solar charger NOT the cheap fabric, This ETFE laminated solar charger has non-adhesive surface properties. Highly stain-resistant and easily gets cleaned by the rain.

And ETFE integrated Lamination solar panels do not reflect the light. Dimple technology on the surface captures more sunlight and increases 5% solar absorption rate.

Check our Youtube waterproof test video !!!


1. New generation of solar charger featured with intelligent control module.Much better user experiences.With current-limiting,short-circuit,over-temperature protections.
2. Portable solar charger are quiet, simple to use, and environmentally friendly, making them great for bringing more comfort to camping.
3. High conversion efficiency. The transformation efficiency is up to 18%-19%, while most of the similar products on the market is 15% or even lower.
4. Each solar charger is encapsulated with ETFE film which can absorb more light, High transmittance ETFE thin film, UV Resistant, waterproof ETFE laminated.
5. Soft and Lightweight with ETFE Laminated technology, Reduce the light reflection, NOT producing glare and creating traffic risks to cars and airplanes.
6. Products can be customized based on different requirements, like colors, load voltages and power etc

Product Description:
  solar captures the sun’s energy to create power. This product is designed to charge rechargeable batteries through USB port with 5.5V output. This folding solar panel is ideal for charging cell phone, GPS units and other small electronics. The unit is also light weight and portable.


Charging Devices:
  1. Open the foldable solar charger and spread them to direct sunshine.
  2. Connect foldable solar charger with mobile phone or power bank etc. Through the cable. The folding solar charger will be charging devices automatically.


Product parameters:

Maximum power(Pmax): 21W
Operating current(Imp ): 2.5A USB
Open circuit voltage(Vov): 5V
working voltage(Vmp):5V
Unfold size: 630*310*2.5/24.8*12.20*0.10 inch
Folding size: 165*310*20/6.50*12.20*0.80 inch
N.W.: 596g/1.31 lbs
Anti reverse charge: Yes


Produces’ Application:

USB solar charger can run 5V electrical devices at the same time, such as Apple iPhone 6S 6 Plus,iPads,Power Bank,Samsung Galaxy S6, HTC and Other 5V USB-Charged Devices.
Our solar chargers are essential for outdoor activities, such as hiking, camping, and outdoors military training. So that even in absence of power support, there is electricity as long as there are sunshine and solar charger.


LensunSolar ETFE integrated laminated foldable solar panel chargers is better protected from water and dust than traditional PET sewn folding panel chargers.

The following is the differents of Lensun ETFE foldable solar charger with other traditional foldable solar chargers.

ETFE integrated laminated folding solar panel chargers

Traditional PET sewn folding solar panel chargers

etfe-lensun pet-sewn-technology-folding-portable-solar-charger-pet
Dimple technology captures more light at the panels surface than PET Sewn panels, it´s dustproof and is a high conversion solar charging technology, keeps your device powered up with free solar power.
 It is portable and convenient to carry while hiking, camping, traveling and doing any other outdoor trips and activities. ETFE laminated panels are lighter and thinner than PET Sewn panels.
lensun-etfe-laminated-technology-folding-portable-lighweight-thin-solar-charge-for-outdoor-camping-hiking pet-sewn-technology-folding-portable-solar-charger-reflect-sunlight
ETFE Lamination panels do not reflect the light. They absorb sunlight and increase the solar absorption rate by 5%. PET sewn panels reflect a large amount of sunlight, producing glare and creating a traffic risk to cars and airplanes.
lensun-etfe-laminated-technology-folding-portable-lighweight-thin-solar-charge-waterproof-for-outdoor-camping-hiking pet-sewn-technology-folding-portable-solar-charger
The use of high frequency thermal welded construction means that the solar cells are better protected from water and dust than traditional sewn folding panels.  ETFE laminated technology panels are more waterproof and more corrosion resistant. Sewn PET is only water resistance but it is not waterproof.
lensun-etfe-laminated-technology-folding-portable-lighweight-thin-solar-charge-dustable-for-outdoor-camping-hiking pet-sewn-technology-folding-portable-solar-charger-pet



1 x 21W 5V  ETFE folding flexible solar panel charger



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Best Waterproof Solar Phone charger Lensun ETFE Laminated 21W Folding Solar Charger, Portable foldable for iPhone,iPads,Power Bank, and Other 5V USB-Charged Devices

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