Waterproof 10A MPPT Solar Controller with eBox Bluetooth Adapter for Lithium(LiPO4) & Lead-acid battery Tracer 2606BP

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Lensun® Waterproof 10A MPPT 12V/24V Solar Regulator Charge Controller Tracer-2606BP with eBox-BLE-01 Bluetooth adaptor

Communication Wireless Monitoring of Controller by Mobile Phone APP(Android&iOS Works Well)

Work with all Lead Acid Batteries, Sealed AGM GEL, Flooded Battery and Lithium battery(LifePO4), Users can set the battery type by connecting to the cell phone via Bluetooth

This controller promise the tracking efficiency >99% and the charging efficiency is at least 20% higher than the traditional PWM controller, which can make the cost of the whole system much lower! What's more, it's the most compact, warterproof, simple-operated and best price MPPT controller.


Why we recommend buy MPPT Solar Controller?

   MPPT circuit solar controllers are considerably more elaborate than PWM. The MPPT technology to track the maximum power voltage point of solar panels as it varies depending on sunlight exposure and temperature.

   The voltage of the solar panel changes with time of day and temperature. The optimum voltage for battery charging changes as the state of charge of the battery. The MPPT charge controller matches these voltages and can result in 30% more efficient transfer of power. This means good MPPT solar charge controllers can reduce the number of solar panels needed by up to 30%- a tremendous benefit.

   Another benefit of MPPT technology is a wide solar input voltage range - this controller can work not only with standard off-grid 12V/24V solar panels, but also with on-grid panels or solar panel arrays up to 60V. The maximum allowed input solar power for this controller is 130W (when charging 12V battery) or 260W (when charging 24V battery).

   This charge controller features a comprehensive set of electronic protection functions such as stopping reverse current at night (from the battery back to the solar panel), automatic cut off to prevent over-charging and deep discharge, solar panel over voltage, over load, short circuit and reverse polarity protection.


* Externally installed temperature sensor is capable of high-accurate temperature compensation.
* 12V/24V system voltage automatic recognition,
* Strong and durable aluminum case,IP67 waterproof
* Can see Various kinds of status indicationand running status (led indications and faults &alarms)
* Protection againse over-charge,over discharge and overload, protection against electronic shortcircuit and reverse connection.
* TVS lightning protection.
* MPPT charge mode (SOS).

Model NoTracer-2606BP
Battery Type

Lead-acid battery: Sealed(default)/Gel/Flooded

Lithium battery: LifePO4/Li-NiCoMn/User

Nominal System Voltage12VDC/24VDC Auto work
Rated Battery Current10A
Battery input voltage range8.5~32VDC
Max. Solar Input Voltage60VDC
Max. PV input power12V/ 130W 24V /260W
Equalize charging voltageSealed :14.6V/Gel:No / Flooded:14.8V/User:9-17V (×2/24V) 
Boost Charging VoltageLiFePO4:14.5V/ Li-NiCoMn:12.5V / User:9-17V (×2/24V)
Float Charging VoltageSealed/Gel/Flooded:13.8V/User:9-17V (×2/24V) 
Low Voltage Reconnect VoltageLiFePO4:12.8V / Li-NiCoMn:10.5V / User:9-17V (×2/24V)
Low Voltage Disconnect VoltageLiFePO4:11.1V / Li-NiCoMn:9.3V / User:9-17V (×2/24V)
Temperature compensation coefficient-3mV/℃/2V
Working environment Tem.-40℃~+60℃
Overall dimension124×89×30mm
Mounting hole sizeΦ3.5mm
Mounting dimension88×76mm
Net weight0.54kg

1.Please connect to the battery first when you operate the system.
2.Battery must be protected by fuse, otherwise battery willbe damaged.


eBOX-BLE-01 Bluetooth Adapter

Main features :

Realize wireless monitoring function of solar controller and inverter
Support mobile phone APP, plug and play, simple and convenient to set
Use high performance, ultra-low power consumption Bluetooth dedicated chip
Adopt Bluetooth 4.0 and BLE technology
Fast communication, strong anti-interference ability
No need of external power supply
Communication distance up to 10 m
Master reset adapter


How to download APP?

Visit the EPEVER offical website
Scan the code on the box
Please search EPever or photonic universe or solar station monitor in Google play
Please search epever or epsolar or EP-01 in IOS APP store
Tips for Battery Settings:

Android APP could automatically identify lithium battery to set battery parameter.
IOS APP choose “User” mode to set lithium battery parameter.
Both Android and IOS could directly control Load ON/OFF on APP. (Press ON/OFF→Send)
If you still have questions , Please feel free to contact with our team , we could provide video or pictures to teach you. If you have better advices, we could gather advices and report to factory . we will try to provide better products and services. Thanks for reading.



1 x 10A Waterproof MPPT solar regulator

1 x eBox-BLE-01 adapter


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