2000W(4000W PEAK) Pure Sine Wave Power Inverter converter 24V DC, 220V/230V AC

Item Description


* High Transform efficiency, fast start;
* Pure sine wave output waveform;
* Softstart function;
* Strong adaptability and stability;
* with automatic over current and output Short circuit protection to avoid damage the equipment;
* Safe and reliable with built in fuse;
* DC/AC Isolated;
* Supply USB 5V/500mA;
* High temperature alarm and protection system;
* Output overloaded alarm and protection system;
* Output short circuit alarm and protection system;
* High surge capacity for starting demanding loads;
* Alarm and protection for low / high battery.

Function details:

Output waveform: pure sine wave inverter
Continuous power: 2000watt
Surge power: 4000Watt
Input volt: 24V
Output volt: 230V AC
USB output:DC 5V ± 5% 500mA
Frequency: 50Hz
Efficiency: >87%
Battery Voltage: 24V
DC Current (typ.): 100A
Low Battery Alarm: 21V ± 2%
Battery Voltage Selected: 20V±2%
High Battery: 32V ± 2%
No load current draws : 600mA
THD: <5%
Dimension (L*W*H): 353*217*88mm
Gross Weight: 5.3kgs

Scope of Application :

Medical Instruments, Emergency Power, Oxygen Concentrators, Cash Register, Home Theater, High-end Stereos, Notebook, Computers, Power Tools, Radios, DVD players, TV's , Musical Instruments, Recording Equipments, Limousines, Buses, RV's, Precision Equipment, Sensitive Radio Equipment, Laser Printers, Fax Machines, etc.

USB 5V DC output is for Digital Camera, Cell Phone, Video Game, MP3, MP4, PDA.

Choosing the right Inverter for you.

First step is to establish the power required to run your equipment. Most appliances/tools have their wattage stamped on the nameplate or listed in the owner's manual. Simply add your appliance wattages together to arrive at a total figure. If you find you can only locate the amps, use this simple calculation: 240 volts x ? Amps=Watts.

Step two is selecting the correct size inverter. Resistive loads (lights, chargers etc.) only require your inverters rated output. Inductive loads such as an air conditioner, refrigerator/freezer, require 5 - 7 times the continuous rating, e.g. an 80W refrigerator requires a 600W inverter. Power tools, fluorescent lights, TVs also require 3-4 times more wattage at start up therefore you would need a 1000W inverter to power a 250W drill.

Keep in mind, it's an inverter, not a power station, choosing an inverter with 25-30% above your needs is recommended. If you are unsure of your requirements, ask us or a licensed electrician.


1 x 2000 Watts DC to AC Pure Sine Wave Power Inverter, 24v DC, 220v or 230v AC

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Lensun® 2000W(4000W PEAK) Pure Sine Wave Power Inverter converter, 24V DC to 220V/230V AC,Wholesale

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