Betteri BC01 Socket & Cap (Female), Compatible with DEYE, Holymiles, APsystems, Envertech, Huayu or Bosswerk Single Phase Micro Inverters

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Betteri BC01 mains connection socket AC mains plug with end cap for micro inverters / micro inverters with Betteri BC01 connection from e.g. APsystems, Hoymiles, Deye, Envertech, Huayu, Bosswerk or TSUN-TSOL.

1x Betteri BC01 socket for mains connection
1x Betteri BC01 end cap for closure

Rated current: 25 A (when using 4 mm² wire)
Voltage rating: TUV: 250VAC CSA: 250/350VAC
Package: 1/3 set connector
Waterproof rating: IP68 (1.5m, 24h)
Height 35.0mm
Width 35.0mm
Length 85.5mm
For cables Ø 10 mm-14 mm. Rated voltage: 250V AV CSA:250/350V AV.
Suitable wire size: 1.5mm² / 2.5mm²/ 4.0mm² or 14 AWG / 12 AWG.

50/100/200 pairs Betteri BC01 Socket & Cap (Female) at your option

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