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Hood Solar Panel

As a professional manufacturer in the solar energy industry, LensunSolar has been customizing high-quality solar panels for customers. They are used in campers, trucks, boats...etc. More and more customers request us customize hood solar panels for their vehicles.

Lensun hood solar panel mounts to the hood/bonnet of your vehicles. Without the need to start your engine, the hood solar panel provides power to keep 12v accessories like fridges, lighting, phones, cameras, radios, etc everything else charged.  

This hood solar panel adheres directly to the vehicle’s hood, requiring no roof rack or mounting hardware. The complete plug-and-play system can be installed easy.  Unlike a portable solar panel, there’s no need to set it up or stow it inside of a vehicle, which can eat up precious cargo space.

The hood/bonnet solar panel system is perfect for the overlander, camper, or traveler. Do not worry a dead battery while camping/off the grid. 

Lensun hood solar panel system is emergency engine starting device.  If you ever manage to completely drain your battery. The solar panel will start the vehicle up again in as little as 30 minutes depending on sun exposure.  Very efficient and great back up if you want to be off the grid.
And Lensun hood solar panel will decreased hood glare too, due to it's light absorbing properties the solar panel creates a surface with very low reflectivity across the hood of the vehicle, the decreased glare while driving. 

We have custom hood solar panel for most of SUV, Trucks, Vans brand like Toyota, Jeep, Ford, Lexus, Mercedes-Benz, Nissan, Land Rover, Chevy, Dodge...etc.

LensunSolar is a professional solar panel manufacturer with 13 years of experience, any about custom solar panels or wholesale/distributor, please contact us [email protected]