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Lensun 200W ( 4 x 50W) Foldable Solar Panel Complete Kit, Ready to charge battery & solar power station

The Lensun 200w foldable solar panel is made of 4pcs 50w solar panels, 3m/10ft cable with MC4 connectors, 20A Waterproof MPPT solar controller, battery clips, Ready to charge AGM, GEL and Lithium  battery!

The Lensun 200w foldable solar panel includes lastest PERC 9BB  monocrystalline high-efficiency solar cells, which makes the panel's surface relatively small in comparison to similar 200w panels. 

The Lensun 200w foldable solar panel is ideal for those who don't want to permanently mount solar to a rooftop or want to supplement a roof top system.  And is perfect for the adventurous traveler, providing both convenience and dependability when venturing off the grid, suitable for any stand-alone battery solution, such as used in RVs, caravans, tents, or sailboats, and it can also be used in combination with most portable power stations.

1.Complete Kit: Come with Waterproof solar controller, battery clips, adaptor cables for solar generator, ready to charge battery and solar generator. The solar panel with standard MC4 connectors output, easy for you to connect more than one panel to get more power. And includes 3 adapters, compatible with most portable solar generators on the market Jackery/Goalzero/Suoki/Flashfish...etc.
2.Solar cell: Made of Lastest Grade A PERC 9BB Monocrystalline solar cells with much higher efficiency(23.5%) and more durable than other mono solar cells. Reduce the risks of the cells' crack and the damage of busbars, solar array with higher stability and reliability and higher power output.
3.Premium ETFE Film: This film features superior light transmittance and weatherproof performance, and is also heat, corrosion, and UV resistant. ETFE also has self-cleaning abilities, ensures the best performance day after day. And ETFE has longer lifetimes than traditional solar panel PET film, which is 3 times longer.
4. Portable & Lightweight: Fold-up to compact size self-contained bag 22.4x21.6x0.8in/380x378x20mm. No frames or glass, Ultra-lightweight, Only 6kgs/13lbs, only 1/3 of normal aluminum frame folding solar panels.
5. Kickstands design: Get up to 25%+ more solar energy than flat laying.
6.Waterproof & Durable: Made from durable waterproof Oxford cloth. It is ideal for any outdoor activities such as camping, advanture, fishing. 6 metal grommets easy installation. It can be used anytime and anywhere. It is ideal and necessary for outdoor activities, ideal for camping vans, campers, boats, and solar generators.

Suitable For:

12V Automotive / Dual Battery Systems, Solar generator/Power station
Recreational / Portable Dual Battery Systems


Why is etfe superior?

1. ETFE solar panels have a better light penetration percentage of 95%. They contain fluorine atoms that bond to the panel's EVA, ensuring it will never delaminate or discolor as time pass.

2. The textures finish of ETFE solar panels makes them dirt-resistant and self-cleaning, minimizing the impact on solar output.

3. ETFE film is weatherproof and is also heat, fire resistance, corrosion, and UV resistant.

4. The age of ETFE laminated membrane is up to 25 years. Later can recycle it for other purposes, 100% recyclable.

Performance of ETFE vs. PET


ETFE (Ethylene Tetrafluoroethylene)

PET (Polyethylene terephthalate)


Ultra lightweight and durable. The combination between ETFE and back sheet is much stronger than PET.

Combination of PET and back sheet cracks easily, is not durable, and also not waterproof.


Includes a 0.025mm thin, UV resistant, layer of protection. Total thickness less than 0.1mm.

0.15mm thick. Solar cells break easily due to low hardness.

Light transmission

95% transparency offers excellent efficiency in terms of light to electricity conversion.

90% to 93% transparent results in lower efficiency in terms of light to electricity conversion.

Surface adhesion

ETFE has non-adhesive surface properties. Highly stain-resistant and easily gets cleaned by the rain.

Adhesive surface often gets covered with dust or other debris, significantly affecting the output of solar panel.


Lifetime of 10 years. Resists aging, deteriorates slowly.

Lifetime of at most 5 years. Easily forms air pockets and peels off.


Highly resistant to seawater corrosion.

Not acid and alkali resistant, making it totally unsuitable for use in marine environment.


Highly flame retardant. Suitable for use in temperatures ranging from -65°C to +150°C. Can be installed safely in hot climates.

Not suitable for use in high temperature regions due to short-term heat resistance.

Applicative effects

Absorbs sunlight. Does not reflect it.

Reflects a large amount of sunlight, producing glare and creating traffic risks to cars and airplanes.


Item Specifications:
Model: LS-200FD-MPPT
Rated Power Output: 200W
Optimum Operating Voltage [Vmp]: 18V
Optimum Operating Current [Imp]: 11.11A
Open Circuit Voltage [Voc]: 21.24V
Short Circuit Current [Isc]: 12.22A
Cell Technology: Monocrystalline Solar Cells
Solar Cells Efficiency:23.5%
Production Tolerance: +3%
Output Type: Solar Cables, Solar Controller
Dimensions(unfolded): 2185x570(86x22.5in)
Dimensions(folded): 570x550x45 mm(22.5x21.6x1.8 in)
Net. Weight: 6kgs/13 lbs
Cable: 10ft/3m cable with MC4 connectors
All Technical data at tandard test condition AM=1.5, E=1000W/mm, Tc=25℃

Lensun Waterproof 20A MPPT Solar Panel Regulator Charge Controller

Charge for AGM, Liquid, GEL and Lithium Battery

Waterproof: Suitable for indoor or outdoor use
Battery Types: Gel, AGM, Liquid, Lithium(default: Gel)
Bluetooth: Support mobile phone APP,wireless monitoring  

1.  Waterproof design, suitable for indoor or outdoor use
2.  Liquid, Gel, AGM, and Lithium battery for selection
3.  Bluetooth, Support mobile phone APP, wireless monitoring      
4.  Innovative Max Power Point Tracking(MPPT) technology, tracking efficiency >99.9%
5. Full digital technology, high charge conversion efficiency up to 98%
6. 12/24V automatic recognition
7. Four stages charge way: MPPT, boost, equalization, float
8. The separate ports for the remote temperature sensor, make battery temperature compensation more accurate

Model: Win500-KT
System Voltage: 12V/24V
Max Charging Power: 500W
Max volt on Bat. Terminal: 35V
Max volt on PV Terminal: 55V
Temp. Compensation: -4.17mV/K per cell (Boost, Equalization),
-3.33mV/K per cell (Float)
Communication: Bluetooth
Grounding: Common Negative  
Enclosure: IP54
Dimensions: 164x106x32mm
Weight: 700g
Maximum Terminals Wire Size: 10AWG(4mm²)

1 x 200W foldable solar panel
1 x waterproof MPPT solar controller
1 x DC5521 to MC4 connectors adaptor cable
1 x DC 8mm to MC4 connectors adaptor cable
1 x 3.5*1.35mm DC adaptor

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Lensun 200W 12V Foldable Solar Panel Kit with Waterproof MPPT Solar Controller, battery clips for RV/Camper Boat Battery Charge

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