The video Review of Lensun 100 Watt Lightweight Portable Flexible Solar Panel Kit from Road Gear Reviews

New product review and video about Lensun 100 Watt lightweight portable Folding flexible solar panel kit.

Lensun portable solar system can easily add power to your RV, Boats or Vehicle anywhere.  Only weighing 8lbs(3.6kgs)), 100W Portable ETFE Solar panel is extremely light and very easy to store.



Lensun supplies 100 Watt, 160 Watt and 200 Watt portable folding/foldable solar panels. There are innovative leg supports, best solar orientation performance, Up to 80% increase. And they are lightweight perfect for RVs, Campers, motorhomes, caravans, trailers and any other vehicles.


Thanks very much for Tom from Road Gear Reviews about this video review.


If you are interested in this 100W folding solar panel kit, you can click the following link to order it directly.


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