The review of Lensun 160W 12V Ultralight Portable Folding ETFE Solar Panel from Julian Ilett. Lensun Solar

Thanks very much for Julian Ilett sharing the second reviews about Lensun 160W ETFE folding solar panel. The folding solar panel was tested on a good afternoon of September, 2018.

Julian Ilett did some voltage and current measuring tests in the full sun, which showed open circuit voltage 20.75V and current 7.29A. He Connected Lensun 160W folding solar with MPPT solar charger controller and Batteries in series. We can find from the following video that he tested the working status for the system in different condition.


different condition-lensun-160W-folding-ETFE-solar-panel


Lensun 160W folding solar panel compare with 2pcs 80w rigid framed solar panel, Julia “its quite thin but it does give you in that form factor the equivalent power of  these two 80w rigid framed solar panels, but in this form so that it’s manageable and you can carry it around and you can store it in your boat or RV or caravan whatever you are living in


Lensun 160W 12V Ultralight Portable Folding ETFE Solar Panel with MC4 Cables





Lensun 160W 12V Ultralight Portable Folding ETFE Solar Panel Kit with PWM Solar Charger Controller and Anderson connection Cables





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