Review Lensun 30W Black Flexible Solar Panel as a Solar Battery Maintainer Trickle Charger for VW Tiguan car

Thanks for Phil’s Review of Lensun 30W Black flexible solar panel charge. The solar panel installed into a VW Tiguan,  helps maintain car battery from parasitic battery drain when not used for a while.

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Lensun 30w flexible solar panel

Lensun 30w flexible solar panel and 10A Solar controller kit

Phil bought one Lensun 30W Black ETFE flexible solar panel on June 16th, received the solar panel on June, 19th. The following is Phil’s review on his email to us.

June 20th Email:

“Hi yes I received the panel yesterday – tested with a meter and all seems excellent – the quality of the panel and it’s packaging is excellent. Really please with the complete ‘dark’ panel look – it’s nice all the cell interconnections are black.

Thanks for the fast delivery. The panel will shortly be replacing a standard aluminium framed panel on the rear parcel shelf inside my car – connect via a solar power controller to the battery – it’ll help maintain the battery from parasitic battery drain when not used – it’s a newer stop/start and electric brake type car that really needs a maintained high battery voltage to work well.



June 26th on Facebook:

“Hi Abby, pics as promised from 30w ETFE solar panel install into a VW Tiguan, installed on the rear parcel shelf – helps maintain car battery from parasitic battery drain when not used for a while. Car uses stop/start and electronic parking brake systems which for smooth running require high voltage levels from the installed AGM battery. Fully charged AGM battery level is 12.6v, current solar maintained battery level is 12.4v not bad for a 3yr old car.

Previously a smaller 10w solar battery maintainer was used, but due to internal installation system loss through car windows etc reduced the smaller panel output as a higher percentage of overall capability i.e. bigger starting panel (yours) loss is less of an effect on delivered voltage/power via solar controller to internal battery 👍

Diode protection protects any back current leaking from battery to solar panel in case solar controller breaks/becomes faulty. ”

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