Ordering 100PCS Lensun custom 42W black ETFE flexbile solar panels on a new project of autonomous variable messages sign from Canadian base business

We finished the order from Canadian base business about 100PCS Lensun custom 42W Black flexible ETFE solar panels. Thanks very much for them to order Lensun ETFE panels in their new project of autonomous variable messages sign. The panels will be install vertically on a portable device, it will be install on a rigid plastic panel. The device will be use on the side of the road. And Non reflective ETFE panels avoid producing glare and creating traffic risks to cars and airplanes.





Non-reflective-ETFE-solar-panel-avoid-traffic risks to cars and airplanes-lensun-custom-42W-black-Flexible-solar-charger


Non-reflective-ETFE-solar-panel-avoid-traffic risks to cars and airplanes-lensun-custom-42W-black-Flexible-solar-charger-solar-system

Non-reflective-ETFE-solar-panel-avoid-traffic risks to cars and airplanes-lensun-custom-42W-black-Flexible-solar-charger-fiberglass-back-sheet

We do manufacture customized small solar panels ie mini solar panels. All customized sizes, currents, voltages and appearances that you require can be made available.

We welcome all kinds of custom-designs to be fit for your project. Please contact us at info@lensunsolar.com .

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