Lensun 400Watt(4x100W 12V) Solar Panels install Video Review, mounted on the roof of 2017 Winnebago 2455BHS travel trailer from Tim Franklin

  Very glad to receive a new video review from Tim Franklin. The main thing that makes Lensun solar panels interesting to him is the surface coating. The dimple textured surface will avoid slipping, and ETFE coating is easier to get cleaned by the rain.

The following is the video details.


2017 Winnebago 2455BHS travel trailer

Lensun Four 100W Black Flexible Solar Panels  total 400W kit are mounted on the roof of 2017 Winnebago 2455BHS travel trailer. Tim Franklin works on this solar project as the following items for his camper. He installed two 100W black semi-flexible solar panels in series, Then two pairs in parallel.

4PCS  Lensun 100W Flexible Solar Panel
1PC  Lensun 40A MPPT solar controller and MT50 Remote Meter
1PC  Spartan 2200w inverter
1PC  Victron BMV 700 battery monitor
300Amp Main fuse
40Amp solar panel breaker






If you are interested in these 100W black ETFE flexible solar panels or other Lensun solar panels, you can click the following link to order it directly. Thanks.





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