Building a Lensun flexible custom solar panels system on the wooden sailboats that would power the boat

   Lensun provide Customizing service from our customers about customizing Special ETFE Portable flexible solar panels. Customizing solar panels are produced similarly to standard solar panels and use the same materials. Because they are customizing solar panels, you have the freedom to decide where the electrical connectors will be placed, the cell layout of your choice, and more. This way your solar panel will suit your project.

   Lensun flexible solar panels are portable, lightweight, easy to install, perfect to install on RVs, caravans, campers, motorhomes, buses, boats, yachts with strong adhesives on somewhere. 

  Our customer Slaven from Croatia, who build wooden boats for many people. He contacted us that he need black ETFE panels with the sketches in the following on 23rd Aug.2018.



   The sketches showed that Solar Retro Sailboat will install five panels in series to get 90V to charge 48V batteries with MPPT 60A 48V Solar charger controller on new building sailboat.

   Our engineer checked and designed more suitable seven Lensun panels with sunpower solar cells on the sailboats according to the size Slaven gave us in the following pictures.



   All Lensun flexible solar panels were produced from 16th Oct, 2018 and finished on 6th Nov. 2018. Here we showed finished panels to Slaven first. Then they would be shipped to UK warehouse via air and shipped to Croatia from UK with Express Service.


  All Lensun flexible solar panels were glued on a plywood with a flexible adhesive such as Sikaflex, and all the wires hide through the plywood on the roof of the sailboat. And they would walk on the roof at minimum, but only occasionally when sailing or in special situations. We suggest to fit panels on the flat position and walk on them with soft shoes.


   We are very glad that Slaven shared wonderful and amazing installing pictures on the sailboats. And we are very grateful that the owner (Rambo Amadeus, artist) of sailboats provide beautiful pictures about his sailboat with Seven Lensun solar panels in the sea.




   We also manufacture customized small solar panels ie mini solar panels. All customized sizes, currents, voltages and appearances that you require can be made available.

  We welcome all kinds of custom-designs. Please contact us at .


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